2022 Data Standards

2022 HMIS Data Standards: System Screen Release


Hello System Administrators,

The following System screens have been updated for the 2022 Data Standards and are now available on both training sites and live sites:

  • [2022] General Intake
  • [2022] Minimum Intake
  • 2022 HUD: CoC Standard Project Enrollment
  • 2022 HHS: RHY Project Enrollment
  • 2022 VA: Project Enrollment
  • 2022 HHS: PATH Project Enrollment
  • 2022 HUD: HOPWA Project Enrollment
  • 2022 HUD: YHDP Project Enrollment
  • 2022 Minimum Project Enrollment
  • 2022 HUD: CoC Standard Project Status
  • 2022 HHS: RHY Project Status
  • 2022 HHS: PATH Project Status
  • 2022 VA: Project Status
  • 2022 HUD: HOPWA Project Status
  • 2022 HUD: YHDP Project Status
  • 2022 HUD: CoC Standard Project Exit
  • 2022 Minimum Project Exit
  • 2022 HHS: RHY Project Exit
  • 2022 HHS: PATH Project Exit
  • 2022 VA: Project Exit
  • 2022 HUD: HOPWA Project Exit
  • 2022 HUD: YHDP Project Exit

Note: The 2020 System General Intake and 2020 System Minimum Intake were updated to reflect the 2022 naming convention, but no other physical adjustments were made to the screens.

If your community utilizes local fields, the 2022 System screens can be copied and modified with local fields in preparation for the Data Standards release on October 1, 2021. 

After updating your custom versions of the 2022 System Screens, on October 1, please be sure to click SAVE CHANGES and then FORCE PUBLISH the screens prior to updating existing Program Templates.

On October 1, please update any existing Program Templates with the applicable new [2022] System screens (or customized versions) to make them available to your users.

Note: If Bitfocus provides your system administration services, your team is already planning for these changes and will be working closely with you to ensure a smooth rollout. Expect to hear more from your team in the coming weeks.

Please review the following documentation and ensure any tasks needing completion by October 1 are in progress:

October 2021 Feature Updates

2022 HMIS Data Standards: System Administrator Checklist

2022 HMIS Data Standards: Gender

2022 HMIS Data Standards: Summary of Changes

2022 HMIS Data Standards: Field Adjustments and Looker Guidance

HMIS Data Standards Resource Page

Finally, if you’re interested in using Bitfocus’ 2022 HMIS Data Standards Sample Paper Forms, you can access Word and PDF versions for editing, downloading, and printing on our website. The 2022 versions will be available on September 24. We hope these are helpful tools as your community updates to the new standards.

Thank you for your continued cooperation as we work to implement the 2022 HUD HMIS Data Standards. Please feel free to reach out to our friendly Help Desk staff at support@bitfocus.com with any questions.