Release Notes

09/11/2020 - Release Notes

Responding to customer needs, the Release Notes will now be published two weeks ahead of release. There may be some small changes as the actual release date approaches.

The following changes will be implemented in the data analysis tool.

Drilldown Updates

The measure drilldowns were reviewed for:

  • HMIS Performance
  • Project Descriptor
  • Client Model

Where appropriate, the drilldowns were updated to include helpful dimensions in the drilldown Look

No action is needed. This work only impacts the content of measure drilldowns.

Chronic Homelessness Dimensions (At Project Start and PIT)

To improve performance of the Chronic Homeless calculations, the methodology for these function have been updated. Additionally refinements were made to the calculations to better align with HUD specifications. 

Affected Chronically Homeless fields are:

  • PIT/Current Date - Individual
  • Project Start - Household
  • Project Start - Individual

The changes should largely be transparent to users. If there are changes, it would be for unusual client and household situations, edge cases. Some aspects to be aware of:

  • [Chronically Homeless Project Start - Individual] can be overridden by [Chronically Homeless Project Start - Household]
    • If the household members entered on the same day AND
    • One member of the household calculates as [Chronically Homeless Project Start - Individual], making the Household chronically homeless, THEN
    • All individuals which entered on the same day would be [Chronically Homeless Project Start - Individual]

No action is needed. The format of the fields remains the same.

Additional Updates Across Client Data Models

  • Percent Stably Housed, Entry Screen, Retired - corrected format issue in the display of percentages
  • RHY Commercial Sexual Exploitation - Exchange for sex, ever received anything, Client Assessment - dimension has now been exposed

Client Model

  • Client Interactions view dimensions - improvements were made to the performance of these measures
    • Changes should be largely transparent to users
    • Use the following as filters to affect the results of Client Interactions
      • Client Personal ID - filter for when interactions on a single client are analyzed
      • Interaction Date, Month, Quarter, Year - filter to be able to reduce the data to analyze in a selected time frame
      • Agency ID - filter to analyze the client interactions of a specific agency
  • Client Interactions, Interacting Agency dimensions - performance issue addressed
  • Enrollments - Update the relationship of the Client Model's Enrollments join to be more inclusive (from inner join to left)

Coordinated Entry

  • Client File fields
    • These fields were previously found under Clients, Client Files and Files
    • The dimensions and measures under Files have been removed
    • Action Needed:
      •  Any Looks which use either a Files field or filter in the Look will need to be updated to the respective Clients, Client Files fields

HMIS Performance

  • Income Source and Income Amount, Income Sources and Amounts (Multi-Row)
    • Two new dimensions added to: Entry Screen, Status Update Screen, Update/Exit Screen, Follow-up Screen
    • These dimensions will return one or more rows for each of the income amounts/sources connected to the relevant record
  • Measure 2a and 2b Return to Homelessness, System Performance Measures
    • Updated the relationship of Measure 2 to be more inclusive (from an inner join to left join)
  • Days in Project Tier, Enrollment - This has been updated to improved performance of the HMIS Performance model
    • Action Needed: For Looks that have been saved with Days in Project Tier, the dimension will need to be re-added to the data table and filters else this message will be displayed when the Look is run:

Services Model

  • Enrollments - Update the relationship of the Services Model's Enrollments join to be more inclusive (from inner join to left)

Project Descriptor Model

  • Program Funding Sources Amount - Updated to currency type
    • Action Needed - update reports expecting a number to expect a currency type instead.  I.e., "1,000" will now be "$1,000"

Built-in Dashboards

With this release, a new dashboard will be available: Client Status. For more information, refer to Client Status for more information.