Dashboard Library

Reservations Dashboard


This dashboard provides users with a visual look at current and future reservation status. It also includes a basic bed list that can be downloaded and printed as needed. The intended user is a shelter worker or program manager.


  • Data analysis model
    • Reservations
  • Tiles
    • Reservations Status
    • Bed List
  • Available user filters
    • Service Item Name

Tiles Overview

Reservations Status

Using the style found in the Clarity Human Services Reservations feature, this tile replicates the reservation status from the current day and forward for 7 days.

Includes the following from the Reservations model:

  • Reservations Slots
    • Reservation Slot Number (ID)
    • Reservation Slot Section
    • Reservation Slot
  • Reservations
    • Status (Styled)
  • Pivot on
    • Reservations, Date

The only filtering applied by default on this tile is the Reservation Slots Date: "0 days ago for 7 days".

Bed List

Includes the following dimensions from the Reservations model:

  • Clients
    • Personal ID
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Date of Birth
    • SSN - Last 4
  • Reservations
    • Status

The only filtering applied by default on this tile is Reservations Slots Date: "today".


Clarity Human Services Data Analysis Access

For users with Clarity Human Services Access Roles with Data Analysis:

  • Navigate  to Reports,
  • then Data Analysis,
  • then Built-in Reports
  • Run Reservations

If the Reservations dashboard is not available, contact your system administrator.

System administrators, for information on including dashboards in your embedded Data Analysis, refer to Looker - Clarity Human Services Integration.

A built-in dashboard may also be set as a user's home screen. For instructions on this feature see Data Analysis Embedded Dashboards.

Standalone Looker

From the Browse tab:

  • LookML Dashboards
  • Choose Reservations dashboard from the list of available dashboards
  • If you have access to more than one Clarity instance and Looker connection model, be sure to select the dashboard for the correct connection mode.