Clarity Human Services Patch Releases

October 2020 Patch Release

Bitfocus sometimes releases updates to Clarity Human Services outside of our regular development schedule. When this occurs, we notify customers of these changes in the Patch Releases Help Center section. We post updates the Friday before we release items to training sites the following Tuesday. We release these items to live sites two weeks after being released to training sites.   

October 2020 Patch Release Items

The following items are available on all training sites on October 13, 2020, and all live sites on October 27, 2020:

  • Change to Screen Publish Functionality: system administrators now see a Force Publish option when creating or editing a screen in Screen Editor. Clicking Force Publish applies any changes to the screen in the user interface.
  • If a system administrator does not click Force Publish, the system automatically publishes changes the next time a user accesses the screen in a client record. System administrators aren't required to publish a screen to add it to a Program Template or make it available to an agency. Rather, its availability for template, agency, and program configuration is contingent on the screen Status being set to "Active." Note: new screens have a default status of "Inactive."
  • Tooltips now appear when hovering over the Save and Save Changes buttons in Screen Editor, Screen Field Editor, and the Add Constraint pop-up. These tooltips notify system administrators that clicking Save / Save Changes applies the changes to the screen.


For more information on how to create and modify screens, see Creating and Editing Screens