Pentaho Release Notes

HUD HMIS CSV/XML Program Data Export: FY 2022+ Updates

Due to the changes in the FY2022 HMIS CSV/XML Programming Specifications and the transfer of the export to Clarity Pentaho Reports, files within the export may look different as some of the coding and formatting has been altered to align with the updated programming specifications. Information on the prompts for running the report and report details is available in the [HUDX-111] HUD CSV / XML Program Data Export Help Center article.  

The changes that impacted this report are outlined below. 

Coding Changes


Old (Clarity) Report

Reworked (Pentaho) Report

Headers in all CSV files

Each column name is in double quotes

Double quotes are not used

ExportID in all CSV files


Unique per instance 

Based on Report Execution ID

Dates in all CSV files


Quotes have been removed



SoftwareName = “Clarity Human Services” hardcoded to be consistent with other Federal reports


OrganizationName and OrganizationCommonName are not limited to 50 symbols but spec requires this limit

OrganizationName and OrganizationCommonName are limited to 50 symbols according to the spec


ProjectCoCID has 2 formats:

  • If Project Site exists, then ProjectCoCID is a “ClarityProjectCoCId_ClarityProjectSiteId” hybrid
  • If Project Site does not exist, then ProjectCoCID = “ClarityProjectCoCId”

ProjectCoCID = ClarityProjectCoCId


InventoryID is a “ClarityInventoryID_ProjectID” hybrid

InventoryID = ClarityInventoryID because it is not possible to link an inventory report with multiple programs


AffiliationID is auto increment with step = 1 started with 1

AffiliationID is a hybrid “ProjectID_ResProjectID”


EnrollmentCoCID = EnrollmentID and it was unique because only enroll screen was checked

EnrollmentCoCID is ID of the client program screen where client location was entered because client location can be entered not on enrollment screen only


DisabilitiesID is auto increment with step = 1 started with 1

DisabilitiesID is a hybrid “XXX_YYY” where:

  • “XXX” is the first letter of disability in upper case. (P/D/C/H/M/S)
  • “YYY” is ID of the client program screen


ServicesID = either ClientServiceId or ClientServiceDateId, but it can be a situation when ClientServiceId = ClientServiceDateId so ServicesID unique logic is broken

To ensure ServicesID are unique,  a hybrid is used (“XXX_YYY”), where:

  • “XXX” is either “d” (for daily-attendance services) or “s” for long-term or single-event services;
    • 2023 Update
      • Night by Night Emergency Shelter Bed Nights have a "d" or "s" prefix. "d" prefix represents daily attendance delivery type and "s" represents single event delivery type. 
  • “YYY” is either ClientServiceDateId  (for daily-attendance services) or  ClientServiceId for long-term or single-event services


AssessmentID = ClarityClientAssessmentId

AssessmentID is a hybrid “ClarityClientAssessmentId_EnrollmentId”


AssessmentID = ClarityClientAssessmentId;

AssessmentQuestionID  is a hybrid “AssessmentID_ScreenFieldId”

AssessmentID is a hybrid “ClarityClientAssessmentId_EnrollmentId”

AssessmentQuestionID  is a hybrid “ClarityClientAssessmentId_EnrollmentId_ScreenFieldPosition”


AssessmentID = ClarityClientAssessmentId;

AssessmentResultID  is a hybrid “ClarityClientAssessmentId_ScoreName”

AssessmentID is a hybrid “ClarityClientAssessmentId_EnrollmentId”;

AssessmentResultID  is a hybrid “ClarityClientAssessmentId_EnrollmentId_ScoreName”

The following CSV files did not have any major data format changes:

  • User.csv
  • Project.csv
  • Funder.csv*
  • Client.csv
  • Enrollment.csv
  • Exit.csv
  • IncomeBenefits.csv
  • HealthAndDV.csv
  • EmploymentEducation.csv
  • CurrentLivingSituation.csv
  • Event.csv

*Updates were made to Funder.csv to allow for several Funding Grant Identifiers per one Funding Source. FunderID  has also been updated to a string field per programming instructions. 

Specification Changes 

For more detailed information please refer to the FY2022 HMIS CSV/XML Programming Specifications

  • Export.csv
      • Added “CSVVersion” column 
  • Organization.csv
      • Modified “VictimServiceProvider” column header to align to FY 2022 Project.csv
      • Modified “Type” length for “ProjectName”
      • Added “HOPWAMedAssistedLivingFac” and corresponding list 2.02.9 
  • Funder.csv
      • Added ’49 HUD: CoC – Joint Component RRH/PSH’ to list 2.06.1
      • Added ’50 HUD: HOME’ to list 2.06.1
      • Added ’51 HUD: HOME (ARP)’ to list 2.06.1
      • Added ’52 HUD: PIH (Emergency Housing Voucher)’ to list 2.06.1 
  • Client.csv
      • Modified “Notes” for 3.04.x. Race Columns 
      • Updated list 3.05.1 Ethnicity Response Options • Removed list 3.06.1 and added new Gender Columns to account for multi selection function
      • Adjusted Gender Responses 
  • Enrollment.csv
    • Modified Column Name for R13
    • Re-ordered R1, V6 and V7 columns
    • Revised V7 responses 
  • IncomeBenefits.csv
    • Added W3 “RyanWhiteMedDent” and “NoRyanWhiteReason” and corresponding list W3 
  • HealthAndDV.csv
    • Added C1 “Well-being” and corresponding lists 
  • Disabilities.csv
    • Updated list 4.10.2 labels
    • Added W6 
  • Services.csv
    • Added C2 “Moving On Assistance Provided” and corresponding lists
    • W1 language update
    • Removed response 11 in V3.3 list.
    • Modified field name in R.14.2 
  • Event.csv
    • Updated list 4.20.2 CE Event Response Options 
  • YouthEducationStatus.csv
    • Add C3 YouthEducationStatus.csv and corresponding lists

Report Prompt Changes

  • Added “Apply Client Location Filter”
    • The Client Location Filter excludes client project stays that do not align with the Client Location CoC Code(s) and the selected CoC(s).


Updated: 05/25/2023