Clarity Human Services Patch Releases

December 2020 Patch Release

Bitfocus sometimes releases updates to Clarity Human Services outside of our regular development schedule. When this occurs, we notify customers of these changes in the Patch Releases Help Center section. We post updates the Friday before we release items to training sites the following Tuesday. We release these items to live sites two weeks after we release them to training sites.   


December 2020 Patch Release Items

The following items are available on all training sites on December 22, 2020, and all live sites on January 5, 2021:

Client Profile Screen Behavior Updates

According to the FY 2020 HMIS Data Standards Manual Data Collection Instructions for 3.03 Date of Birth, “‘Client doesn't know,’ ‘Client refused,’ and ‘Data not collected’ are explanations for missing DOB data. None of these three responses are valid in conjunction with a valid or approximated date entered in ‘Date of Birth.’”

To better facilitate this guidance, we’ve updated the way Date of Birth is collected in Clarity Human Services. The system now hides the Date of Birth field in the Client Profile when the selected value for Quality of DOB is “Client doesn’t know” (8) or “Client refused” (9) (just as the system currently does when a value of "Data not collected" [99] is selected). Note: if a value was previously saved for the Date of Birth field and the Quality of DOB field was saved with a value of “Client doesn’t know” or “Client refused” in a Client Profile screen, the previously saved value will continue to be stored in the database, even though it is hidden on the Client Profile screen. If a user clicks the Save Changes button in the Client Profile with a response of “Client doesn’t know” or “Client refused” selected for Quality of DOB, the system will overwrite the Date of Birth response as “null.”

Associated Consent Refused Update: When Consent Refused is toggled on in a newly created client record, the system will automatically select a value of “Approximate or partial DOB reported” (2) rather than “Client refused." When Consent Refused is toggled on in an already existing client record, the system will retain a value of "Client doesn’t know," "Client refused," or "Data not collected," rather than automatically selecting "Approximate or partial DOB reported." Users will have the ability to change this response if desired, in either newly created or previously existing records. If a user manually changes the response to “Client doesn’t know," “Client refused," or “Data not collected," the system will hide the Date of Birth field in the Client Profile, consistent with the update logic. Aside from the new Quality of DOB default selection, the Consent Refused functionality remains unchanged. 

If you would like client records in your system with a value of “Client doesn’t know” or “Client refused” saved for the Quality of DOB field and a saved value for the Date of Birth field on the Client Profile screen to be mapped so that Quality of DOB equals “Approximate or partial DOB reported," please let us know at your earliest convenience but no later than January 8, 2021. We can apply this mapping to your instance at no charge.

Geocode Field Now Requires Six Digits

We’ve updated the Geocode field, which is associated with the HUD HMIS Data Element 2.03.02 and is included in system Program Setup screens, Site setup, and Service Item setup. The system now requires a value of exactly six digits, as specified in the HUD HMIS Data Standards. 

  • Existing geocode data will remain as-is. However, when a user attempts to resave a Program, Site, or Service Item record, if the recorded geocode value is less than six digits, the system will display an error message and only save changes if the geocode value is updated to include six digits.
  • The system now displays a tooltip over the Geocode field, stating: “Geocode field length must be equal to 6 characters.”

Updated Referral Case Manager Display

The info icon and tooltip now only appear on referrals where the assigned Case Manager is from another agency. The tooltip displays the following text: “Please note that there is a user from another agency assigned as case manager on this referral. Updating this picklist value will remove this user’s assignment as case manager.” System administrators will continue to see the assigned Case Manager, regardless of agency, but will also see the info icon and tooltip.