Release Notes

Dashboards - New Features May 2020

This article describes the changes users will encounter following an upgrade to new dashboard features.

Overview of Changes

New User Interface

To begin a dashboard using the new features, select "Dashboard (beta)."

  1. Click "Edit Dashboard" to begin adding content
    • New Looks can be created and added to the dashboard by clicking on "Add Tile"
  2. To add existing Looks, close the dashboard returning to the folder with the Looks
    • Open the Look
    • Using the , "Save to Dashboard"
    • Navigate to the appropriate folder for the dashboard
    • NOTE: Looks can now be added to dashboards from any folder or space

Looks added to dashboards will now display as a tile, with an offset shadow around the tile.





Moving and resizing the tiles 

Converting from Legacy to Beta Dashboard Version

To temporarily convert a dashboard to the new Beta version, in the URL, change "dashboards" to "dashboards-next."


To permanently change a dashboard, from the dashboard gear , select "Upgrade to Dashboard (Beta)

Visual Drilling

The data analysis tool now has the capability to show more than a table when drilling through a data point.

When a visualization is available, there will be the option to "Drill Into..." beyond the "Explore" option which will display a data table. 

The resulting drill overlay will display a visualization that best represents the underlying data. In addition to the visualization the user can:

  • View the Table
  • Explore from Here
  • Download Results

Merged Results 

Visualizations from a merged results query can now be saved to dashboards. Once the visualization is prepared, simply save to dashboard.