Release Notes

Clarity Human Services Update Notes - 12/14/2020

Clarity Human Services will be updated on 12/14. These updates require the following changes to the data analysis tool:

  • Created a “Funding Source Custom” view in the Project Descriptor model. Publishing custom Funding Sources functionality is not yet implemented, but when finished, custom dimension will show here.

  • Dimension “Expiration Type” added to the Referrals view in the Client and Coordinated Entry models. This field describes how a referral expired from the community queue. E.g., “Automatically Expired” or “Manually Expired.

  • Added Autoexit - Housed to the Project Descriptor model

  • Added Autoexit - Type and Autoexit (Yes/No) to enrollments view of Coordinated Entry, Client and HMIS models

  • Multiple backend updates have been made to restructure Program Funding Sources to support custom Funding Sources

  • New dimensions "Direct Expense" and "Eligibility" added to "Program Funding Sources" and "Services Funding"