Release Notes

Clarity Human Services Update Notes - 10/1/2021

Clarity Human Services is scheduled to be updated on 10/1/2021 to facilitate the 2022 HUD Data Standards. The following changes have been made to the data analysis tool in support of the update to Clarity.


  • Gender field in Looker is now enabled as a Multi-select field, similar to the Race field. The logic used reflects the reporting logic outlined by HUD for the APR and CAPER reports.
    • "Gender - Multiple" fields added to HMIS Performance, Clients, and Coordinated Entry Models.
    • "Gender Error" field in the Data Quality model refactored in compliance with the updated Data Standards.

Coordinated Entry Events

  • Enabled "Referral to emergency assistance/flex fund/furniture assistance", "Referral to Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV)", and "Referral to a Housing Stability Voucher" to be exposed in Coordinated Entry Events in the Coordinated Entry Model.


  • "Race" and "Race - Multiple" fields updated to reflect new HUD Data Standard language.(example: "Asian" to "Asian or Asian American")

No Data Cascading

  • Added "Disable Data Cascade" field to the Project Descriptor Model.

Aging into Adulthood Notification

  • Added new fields "Aging into Adulthood Notification" and "Aging into Adulthood Threshold" in the Programs view in the Project Descriptor Model

C1, C3 and W3, and W6

  • The following new fields from HUD have been added to HMIS Performance:Continuum of Care* Well Being Frequency (entry, update, exit)* Well Being Resiliency (entry, update, exit)* Well Being Support (entry, update, exit)* Well Being Value Worth (entry, update, exit)* Youth Education Current Status (entry, exit)* Youth Education Enrollment (entry, exit)* Youth Education Recent Status (entry, exit)HOPWA* Anti Retroviral (entry, update, exit)* Ryan White Med Dental (entry, update, exit)* Ryan White Reason (entry, update, exit)"HOPWA Assisted Living" has been added to the Programs View of the Project Descriptor Model.


  • The following, new V7 fields have been added to HMIS Performance model:SSVF/VASH* Is Homelessness Prevention targeting screener required?* Current household income* History of literal homelessness (street/shelter/transitional housing) (any adult)* Head of Household is not a current leaseholder.* Head of household (HoH) never been a leaseholder* Rental Evictions within the past 7 years (any adult)* Incarcerated as adult (any adult in household)* Discharged from jail or prison within last six months after incarceration of 90 days or more (adults)* Currently pregnant (any household member)* Household includes one or more young children (age six or under), or a child who requires significant care* Household includes one or more members of an overrepresented population in the homelessness system when compared to the general population.The following V7 fields have been retired:* Referred by Coordinated Entry or a Homeless Assistance Provider to Prevent the Household From Entering an Emergency Shelter or Transitional Housing or From Staying in a Place Not Meant for Human Habitation.* Current Household Income is $0* Annual Household Gross Income Amount* Sudden and Significant Decrease in Cash Income (Employment and/or Cash Benefits) AND/OR Unavoidable Increase in Non-Discretionary Expenses (e.g., Rent or Medical Expenses) in the Past 6 Months* Major Change in Household Composition (e.g., Death of Family Member, Separation/Divorce from Adult Partner, Birth of New Child) in the Past 12 Months* Rental Evictions Within the Past 7 Years* History of Literal Homelessness (Street/Shelter/Transitional Housing)* At least one dependent child under age 6* Any Veteran in Household Served in Iraq or Afghanistan* Female Veteran

4.09, 4.10, R13 and SSVF V7 fields

  • Changed the labels of fields to reflect the new HUD verbiage.In HMIS Performance:* "Mental Health Issues - Family" -> "Mental Health Disorder - Family"* "Registered Sex Offender" -> "Registered sex offender (any household members)"* "Single Parent With Minor Child(ren)" -> "Single parent household with minor child(ren)"* "Current Housing Loss Expected Within:" -> "Housing Loss Expected Within:"* "Criminal Record for Arson, Drug Dealing or Manufacture, or Felony Offense Against Persons or Property" -> "Criminal record for arson, drug dealing or manufacture, or felony offense against persons or property (any adult)"* "Alcohol or Other Drug Abuse - Family" -> "Alcohol or Substance Use Disorder - Family"