Clarity Human Services Feature Updates

Clarity Human Services: January 2022 Feature Updates


We’re excited to announce new feature updates for Clarity Human Services, summarized below.

Release Schedule: 

  • All Training Sites: Tuesday, January 18, 2022
  • All Production Sites: Tuesday, February 1, 2022

New Head of Household Data Dashboard

In an ongoing effort to assist with data quality and correctness, we have created a new data quality report that checks for Housing Move-In Dates that are outside the valid time frame. Specifically, this report flags the following:

  • Housing Move-In Date values that are before the client’s ‘Program Start Date.’
  • Housing Move-In Date values that are after the ‘Program Exit Date.’

You can find this report in the “LSA Data Cleanup: Head of Household Data” dashboard, a LookML dashboard that the System Administrator can enable. Our LSA Toolkit provides instructions for enabling the dashboard.

We strongly recommend using this dashboard to identify other potential data quality issues. Please contact our Support Team if you need help enabling this report to your instance.

Note: This report examines the HUD Housing Move-In Date Data Element; it does not analyze any custom Move-In Date fields.

CE Referral Event Logic

Based on clarification from HUD for inferred Coordinated Entry Events, referrals to Safe Haven project types from the Community Queue or Eligibility Determination page are now recorded as Data Element 4.20 Item 10 (“Referral to Emergency Shelter bed opening”). 

Updated — Passport Additional Agency Access

Overview: Previously, users of Clarity Human Services’ Passport function were allowed to have additional agency access. For security purposes, we have eliminated this ability by removing the ADD AGENCY button from the ADDITIONAL AGENCY ACCESS section of the staff member record for users whose only access right is Attendance Standalone Module. Removing the ADD AGENCY option also means that these users will not be able to switch agencies because there will be no other agencies available for them to access.

Note: Even though the SysAdmin access role includes the Attendance Standalone Module, users with SysAdmin access will still have the ability to obtain additional agency access.

If you attempt to change a user’s main access role to Attendance Standalone, the system alerts you that you must delete access to all additional agencies before changing the main access role to Attendance Standalone.

Required Action: We will reach out directly to instances with users who have both Attendance Standalone Module and Additional Agency Access enabled.

Updated — Different Colors for Different Site Types

Overview: To assist users in visually distinguishing between Clarity Human Service site types, we have implemented color schemes for each instance type. Production sites will keep their current color, but the header and login side panel will now be blue for training sites and green for migration sites. 

Training Site


Migration Site

Required Action:
Review any training materials you have created that include Clarity Human Services screenshots to determine if updates are needed.

Updated — “Mark All ROI As Expired” Activity Included in Audit Log

Overview: The client’s Release of Information (ROI) audit log will now reflect when an ROI is expired via the “Mark all ROI as expired” function.

Required Action: None.

New — Automatically Referred Assessments

Overview: To improve user workflow, we have introduced an Automatic Referrals setting in REFERRAL SETTINGS, allowing communities to enable assessments to automatically refer to a queue (or multiple queues if applicable). Refer to Referral Settings: Overview for details.

Required Action: None.

New — Referral History Tooltips

Overview: In the History section of Referrals, you can now hover over a referral event to display a tooltip that identifies the item.

Required Action: None.

New — “Reopen” Program Button

Overview: This update introduces a Reopen Client Program button on the client Program Exit screen that allows you to reopen a Program enrollment for a client. 

This new functionality includes the new Clear and Restore All Exit Data Access Right, which is dependent on Edit Agency Programs or Edit Any Agency Permission being enabled. 

Refer to How Do I Remove a Program Exit? for details.

Required Action:

  • This update will not affect enrollments that were previously reopened through the old method of deleting the Program Exit date. This update will only affect records going forward.
  • Ensure the new Clear and Restore All Exit Data Access Right is enabled or disabled as appropriate for each access role.


  • This functionality will automatically be enabled for the system SysAdmin role.
  • The Program Exit field is now a required field.

Updated — Housing Inventory Fields Removed from Auto-Provisioning Template

Overview: In a previous release (August 2021 Feature Updates), we removed all fields in the HOUSING OPTIONS section (except Reservation Option and associated fields) from the Service Item setup section, and we renamed the section to RESERVATION OPTIONS. We have now applied this update to Program Templates. When you enable Automated Provisioning for a Program Template (SETUP > TEMPLATES), you will no longer see the HOUSING OPTIONS section (outlined in red below) when configuring Service Items for that template.

Required Action: None.

New — Ability to Attach Multiple End User Agreements to User Profiles

Overview: A new User Policy can now be added at any time via the Modify Staff Page, and previous versions will remain attached to the User Profile. This new capability includes the following changes to the USER POLICY section of the staff record (MANAGE > STAFF > MODIFY THE STAFF): 

  • We removed the UPLOAD A NEW VERSION link and added an ADD USER POLICY link.

  • We also removed the VIEW link for the User Policy. You can now view a User Policy by clicking its PDF icon.
  • Previously added User Policies will remain available for viewing in the USER POLICY section.
  • When a user is prompted to sign a new User Policy after the previous User Policy’s enforcement period ends, the new User Policy will be added to the USER POLICY section without replacing any existing User Policy. 

Audit Log: The Audit Log will track the addition and deletion of User Policies.

Required Action: None.

Updated — Enrollment Chart Logic

Overview: When configuring a Program Chart, you will now have the ability to select the screen(s) from which data will be taken to build the chart. We provide this function via a new Screens multi-select picklist in the ADD FIELD pop-up. Refer to Program Setup: Charts for details.

Required Action: None. For existing Program chart fields, the system will select all relevant screens for each field.

Updated — Agency and Program Level Assessments

Overview: We have updated the Agency ASSESSMENTS tab (MANAGE > ASSESSMENTS) to provide a more intuitive distinction between assessments available for clients at the Agency level, at the Program Enrollment level, and at both levels. With this update, when you enable an assessment on the Agency ASSESSMENTS tab, an Assessment Usage drop-down menu with a default value of “Select” will appear for that assessment. After enabling an assessment, you must select “Agency Only,” “Agency and Programs,” or “Programs Only.”

Refer to Agency Assessments Tab Overview for more information.

Required Action: None. Existing assessments will be mapped as shown in the following table.

Existing assessments

Will be mapped to

Enabled at Agency Level

Assigned to Any Program

Enabled at Agency Level

Assessment Usage 


Agency Only

Agency and Programs


Programs Only

All existing client program assessment records will remain as they were.

Updated — Logic for Importing Custom Fields

Overview: Currently, if you want to include custom fields when importing HMIS XML files through the Data Import Tool, the fields need to be in the exact order that Clarity Human Services requires. We have updated the logic to permit custom fields to be uploaded regardless of the order of those fields.

Required Action: None.

Updated — “Data Analysis Save” Access Right

Overview:  ​​ We have updated the behavior of Save Changes within embedded Data Analysis, aligning with the Data Analysis Save access right.

Required Action: None.

Updated — Preventing Client Name Double-Clicks

Overview: After you click a client name link and the system begins redirecting, the system will now remove the link to prevent double-clicking on the client name. In most cases, you will not notice this change as the system immediately redirects you to the client profile. This update also removes duplicate values from the recent searches table.

Required Action: None.

New — Ability to Add Multiple Grants to a Funding Source

Overview: We have added the ability to add multiple grants to a funding source via a GRANT ACTIVITY section in the funding source record. Refer to the “Grant Activity” section of Direct Expenses, Grant Activity, and Sub-Granted Funding for details.

Required Action: None.

Updated — Create a New Funding Source Pop-Up

Overview: We have updated the CREATE A NEW FUNDING SOURCE pop-up to include grant information. When creating a new funding source, you must complete the Grant IdentifierGrant Start Date, and Grant Amount fields. The Grant End Date field is optional.

Note: You may enter “0” for the Grant Amount, but you cannot leave the field blank.

Required Action: None.


Updated — Warning Banner Language

Overview: We have revised the warning message that appears when you attempt to add a Program with one project type to a Unit Configuration Type with a different project type.

Current warning:
“Alert: The Project Type associated with this Program you are trying to add does not match the Project Type field above. This needs to match for reporting purposes.”

Updated warning:
“Alert: The Project Type associated with the Unit Configuration Type assigned Program does not match the Unit Configuration Type’s assigned project type. This needs to match for reporting purposes.”

Required Action: None.

Updated — “Add Record” Button

Overview: On the screens for creating a new Administrative Site, Housing Site, Building, Unit Configuration Type, and Unit, we have changed the SAVE CHANGES button to an ADD RECORD button.

Required Action: None.

Updated — Agency Name Displayed with Sub-Grant

Overview: Since the system now allows you to name a sub-grant, we have updated the SUB-GRANTED FUNDING section of the FUNDING tab. Instead of only displaying the agency name for each sub-grant, the system will now list the name of each sub-grant with the agency name listed below it.

Required Action: None.

New — Unit Configuration Type Name Check

Overview: If you attempt to save a new Unit Configuration Type with the same name as an existing Unit Configuration Type in that Building, the system will underline the name field in red and display a “Please correct errors” banner. You cannot save the new Unit Configuration Type until you change the name to something other than the name of an existing Unit Configuration Type in that Building.

Required Action: None.

New — Access Rights for Adding Programs from Other Agencies to Sites/Buildings/Units

Overview: We have added two new Create Rights to permit the ability to add Programs from other agencies to Sites, Buildings, and Unit Configuration Types:

  • Agency Inventory - Add Agency Program
  • Agency Inventory - Add Any Agency Program

Users with “Agency Inventory - Add Any Agency Program” enabled will see both an Agency drop-down and a Program drop-down on the ADD PROGRAM pop-up when adding a Program to a Site, Building, or Unit Configuration Type.

Users with “Agency Inventory - Add Agency Program” enabled but not “Agency Inventory - Add Any Agency Program” will not see the Agency drop-down because they will only have access to associate a Program from their own agency.

These permission toggles are only available for “Admin” and “Manager” role types; by default, the toggles are disabled (except for the System Administrator access role, where both permissions are enabled by default).

Required Action: Enable Agency Inventory - Add Agency Program and Agency Inventory - Add Agency Program as appropriate for the “Admin” and “Manager” access role types.

Updated — Staff Inventory Access

Overview: Units listed within Inventory will be dependent on the Staff Inventory Access setting for users, while the Unit Queue will generate its list of available Units based on the Coordinated Entry Type setting. Users will be able to see all Units in either the CoC or the Primary Sharing Group, depending on the system’s Coordinated Entry Type setting.

Required Action: None.

Updated — Tracking Subgrant Creation in Audit Log

Overview: The audit log for a funding source will now track the creation of a subgrant in that funding source’s record.

Required Action: None.

New — “Assigned Level” Columns for Funding Sources

Overview: In the Funding Sources section of the Resources sidebar for Sites, Buildings, Units, and Unit Configuration Types, the PROGRAM FUNDING section now includes an Assigned Level column so that you can see the level at which the funding source was added (Site, Building, or Unit Configuration Type).

Required Action: None.

New — Subgrant Labels

Overview: In the Eligibility section of the Resources sidebar for Sites, Buildings, Units, and Unit Configuration Types, an eligibility criterion inherited from different sources will only be displayed one time in the INHERITED ELIGIBILITY list, but you can hover the mouse over the information icon to display a tooltip that shows all of the sources. The listing will also include any eligibility inherited from assigned sub-grants.

Required Action: None.

Updated — Client Program Units

Overview: This update expands upon the Units tab on the Program Enrollment screen. These updates include a display of the client’s Unit occupancy history as it relates to that enrollment, the ability to move a client from one Unit to another, and the ability to historically connect a client to a Unit. Previously, the Unit tab merely displayed the Pending Occupancy End Date field. Refer to Creating and Managing Program Enrollments for details.

Required Action: Enable Manage Units (in program setup) and Edit/Delete Enrollment-based Unit Records (in access role settings) as appropriate.

Updated — Occupancy History Details

Overview: The Occupancy History section of the Unit Resources sidebar now displays additional details on the Unit’s status to indicate the various possible stages of a referral to that Unit. In addition to the existing Offline and Inactive categories, we have added the following categories:



Start Date

End Date


A client is within a Unit

Date the client begins Unit occupancy

The date when the client left the Unit (or “Active” if the client is still in the Unit)

Referral: Pending

There is a pending referral to the Unit

The date the referral was made


Referral: Denied

A pending referral to the Unit was denied

The date the referral was made

The date of denial

Referral: Expired

A pending referral to the Unit has expired

The date the referral was made

The expiration date of the referral

Referral: Complete

A pending referral to the Unit was completed

The date the referral was made

The date the referral was connected to the Unit /Program

Required Action: None.

Updated — Screen Access Logic 

Overview: To match the screen access logic elsewhere in Clarity Human Services, we have implemented the following logic update for all Inventory screens: 

  • If a user is under one agency and a record belongs to another agency, and if the user has Additional Agency Access and Manage Agency Access, the user can view the data on the page but cannot edit it. The system will also hide the SAVE CHANGES button. To modify the data, the user must switch to the agency to which the record belongs.
  • Additionally, a user that does not have access (either directly or through Additional Agency Access) to an agency’s inventory screen(s) cannot access that agency’s inventory screen(s) (even when entering a direct URL).

Note: System Admin users will not need additional agency access configured to view the pages but should switch into the relevant agency to edit the pages. This also applies to all other relevant pages within the Manage section.

Required Action: None.

Updated - Funding Source Column Header

Overview: We have updated the Grant Dates column header to Funding Source Dates in the following places:

  • The FUNDING SOURCES page (MANAGE > PROGRAMS > Funding Sources)
BUI 620 b annotated

BUI 620 annotated

Required Action: None.

New and Updated Help Center Resources

We’ve either updated or created the following articles in response to this Clarity Human Services update. 

Updated Pages

New Pages

Additional Agency Access

The Passport Standalone Attendance Tool

Referral Settings: Overview


Viewing a Referral’s History


How to Set Up a Program: Detailed Instructions


Creating and Managing Program Enrollments


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System Advanced Options: Release of Information (ROI)


Agency Assessments Tab Overview


Program Setup: Charts


Staff Member Administration


Rights Glossary for Access Roles


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Direct Expenses, Grant Activity, and Sub-Granted Funding




INVENTORY: Buildings


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Unit Queue