Clarity Human Services Feature Updates

Clarity Human Services: January 2020 Feature Updates


Bitfocus is excited to announce new feature updates for Clarity Human Services! These updates are summarized below. Please visit the links included in each feature summary and at the end of this article for guidance on implementing these new features. 

Release Schedule

  • All Training Sites: January 15, 2020
  • All Production Instances: January 22, 2020

Access Role Customization for Additional Agency Access

If a staff member profile has agencies added to Additional Agency Access, system administrators will now assign an access role to the staff member for each agency. This allows staff members to interact with client data in distinct ways depending on the agency for which they are viewing, editing, or entering data. 

Required Action: staff members with agencies already in Additional Agency Access will have the same access role assigned to these agencies as assigned to their main profiles (this can be modified by system administrators). When a new agency is added to Additional Agency Access in a staff member’s profile, system administrators will choose an access role for the agency. See Additional Agency Access for more information. 

Access Role Rights for Files

There are new access, edit, and delete rights in Access Roles to control how users interact with files that have been uploaded to client records.

Required Action: access roles with a Role Type of “Admin” will automatically have these rights enabled. They must be manually toggled on for all other access roles. See Rights Glossary for Access Roles and Creating and Editing Access Roles for more information on access role rights and their configuration. 

Custom Program Setup Screens

System administrators can now create program setup fields and screens, allowing communities to customize the type of information they are recording about programs. 

Required Action: to record custom program data, system administrators must first make configurations at the field, screen, template, and program level. Custom Program Setup Screen Configuration provides step-by-step guidance on implementing custom program setup screens. 

Hide Fields in Screens

Fields and their associated responses can be hidden in screens but still used in calculations and constraints, giving system administrators the ability to minimize the amount of fields visible on the client screen where data input isn’t necessary.

Required Action: to use hidden fields, the field must be configured with the Hide functionality within Screen Editor. See Hidden Fields for more information. 

Live Markers in Tracked Characteristics

Live markers can now be added to Tracked Characteristics.

Required Action: System administrators must add the live marker field to Tracked Characteristics in Referrals to use this functionality. See Tracked Characteristics for more details. 

Referral Case Manager and Navigators as Assigned Staff

The Assigned Staff section of the client record now includes staff members identified as referral case managers and navigators. 

Required Action: staff members identified in either of these roles in a client record will automatically populate in the Assigned Staff section of the record. See Assigned Staff for more information about how staff members are added to this section. 

Continuum of Care Management in System Variables

Continuum of care information is no longer managed in Field Editor. System administrators will now manage the list of continuums of care in the Continuum of Care List section of System Variables

Required Action: Continuum of care information will automatically be migrated to System Variables. System Variables: Continuum of Care List provides more information about how system administrators can manage this information. 

Multiple Community Queues

System administrators can now designate multiple community queues, allowing distinct processes of referral and placement. 

Required Action: to start using multiple community queues, this functionality must be enabled and configured in Referral Settings. See Multiple Community Queues for more details. 

Details Visible for "View Only" Referrals

Additional referral details are now visible for "view only" referrals in the Client History tab and Referrals. This applies both to users with Access but not Edit rights for referrals in Access Roles as well as referrals recorded by agencies with Service/Programs/Assessments Placed set to "Basic Shared" in Sharing settings. Users will now be able to see Referred Program, Referring Agency, Referred Date, Tracked Characteristic, Qualified (Yes/No), and Days Pending by clicking the  icon.

Ability to Run [HUDX-111] HUD CSV / XML Program Data Export Across Multiple Agencies

Users can now run the [HUDX-111] HUD CSV / XML Program Data Export for programs across multiple agencies (subject to Access Role and Additional Agency Access settings). When running the export, all programs in the agencies the user has access to will be listed in the Programs drop-down menu. 

New Resource: Coordinated Entry Data Standards Readiness Assessment

Our new Coordinated Entry Data Standards Readiness Assessment is a helpful tool communities can use to determine how they should implement the new Coordinated Entry Data Standards in Clarity Human Services based on local Coordinated Entry processes.  

New and Updated Resources in this Update: