Clarity Human Services Feature Updates

Clarity Human Services: April 2020 Feature Updates


Bitfocus is excited to announce new feature updates for Clarity Human Services! These updates are summarized below. Please visit the links included in each summary and at the end of this article for guidance on implementing these new features. 

Release Schedule

  • All Training Sites: April 1, 2020
  • All Production Sites: April 8, 2020

Maintain History of Referral Creation and Outcome History for Expired Referrals 

Referral creation and expiration are now tracked in greater detail in a referral’s History section. When a pending referral expires and is reassigned to the Community Queue, an activity titled “Expired: Reassigned to Community Queue” will be added to the referral history. When a referral is first recorded from the client record Referrals tab, this will also now be recorded in the Referral History as “Program Referral: <program name>, <agency name>”.

Required Action: no action required. Existing and new referral activities will automatically be recorded to the history of a referral

Advanced Logic in Display Constraints 

Advanced logic has been added to display constraints in Screen Field Editor, allowing for nested AND/OR conditions to be built into display constraints. 

Required Action: to use this feature, system administrators must first configure screens with display constraints using advanced logic. For information on setting up the display constraints see Screen Field Editor: Display Constraints

CoC-specific ROI Settings and ROI Sharing Options

ROI settings can now be configured uniquely for each CoC. All of the settings previously available in the ROI system settings are available to configure uniquely for each CoC along with two new settings: Auto Expire ROI and ROI Status on Client Search Page. Additionally, ROI is now included in the sharing settings for Service/Programs/Assessments Placed. The sharing settings configured for Service/Programs/Assessments Placed for the agency will determine how staff members at other agencies see ROI information in the Client Privacy section of the client record. 

Required Action: to start using the new ROI settings and CoC-specific ROI settings, system administrators must first configure them in System Setup. See Configuring Release of Information (ROI) for further details. Information about configuring Service/Programs/Assessments Placed settings can be found in our Sharing Settings series of articles. 

Automatic Exits for Coordinated Entry Programs

Coordinated Entry programs can now be configured to automatically exit clients when they are housed through another program. 

Required Action: This setting must be enabled for programs. Program Setup: Automatic Exits provide information on configuring this feature. 

Housing Move-in Date Live Marker

A new live marker, Housing Move-In Date Entered, is available in Field Editor. This is a Yes/No field that will look at whether a value has been entered for the field Housing Move-in Date in an enrollment screen. This live marker can be used, for example, as a display constraint in an exit screen to ensure staff members have input a Housing Move-in Date value when a client is exiting to a permanent housing destination. 

Required Action: To use this live marker, it must first be added to a screen. For more information about live markers, including the new Housing Move-in Date live marker and display constraints see: Live Markers Overview, Live Markers Glossary, and Screen Field Editor: Display Constraints

Staff Member Phone Number Field

A phone number and extension can now be added to a staff member’s record. Also, changes to staff member information are now viewable to system administrators in an audit log.

Required Action: this new field will automatically display in the staff member record. Either the staff member or an administrator can input the staff member’s phone number.

Access Control for Referring to Community Queue

A new access right has been added to control whether a staff member has access to the Refer Directly to Community Queue button. 

Required Action: in order to give this right to an access role, Referrals must first be toggled on under Access Rights. This access right will be automatically enabled for any existing access roles with Referrals toggled on. For more information about editing Access Roles or access rights, see Creating and Editing Access Roles and Rights Glossary for Access Roles

Clarity Human Services Help Widget

The new Help Widget allows staff members to conveniently search the Help Center without leaving Clarity Human Services. System Administrators can use the widget to connect with support by chat, email, or phone.

Required Action: the Help Widget will automatically be enabled on all live sites (it is not available on training sites). 

Client History Coordinated Entry Filter 

A new Coordinated Entry filter was added to Advanced Search Options in the client History tab. By toggling on this filter, only certain Coordinated Entry-related items will display in the client history. 

Required Action: no action required. The Coordinated Entry filter will automatically display in Advanced Search Options in the History tab. For more information about which Coordinated Entry items are included when using the Coordinated Entry filter, see The History Tab


  • When editing an Assessment Processor Subtotal, the selected Operation value now displays.
  • When creating a new agency, the Default Profile field now displays and is required.
  • A typo in the tooltip text for the Send back to Queue icon in the Referrals Denied tab was corrected.
  • File attachment size maximum of 4 MB is now consistent across Files tabs (within both the client record tab and enrollments).
  • The CoC Name field for a Continuum of Care in System Variables can now be changed when that CoC record is only in use in agencies and sites.
  • The Referred Program column in the Referrals Completed tab now displays the agency the client was referred to.
  • Expired referrals can no longer be re-assigned unless sent back to the Community Queue. 
  • The Referral Type setting has been removed from Referral Settings since only qualified referrals are sent back to the Community Queue.
  • The “No Active Enrollment” message resets in the Attendance Module based on whether an active program enrollment exists or not. 

New and Updated Help Center Resources