Release Notes

9/3/2021 Release Notes

General Changes

The following changes will be implemented in the data analysis tool, effective 9/3/2021. There may be changes to this article until the release date.

  • COVID Screening Assessment Changes - New Dimensions added to "Client Assessments" for the COVID Screening assessment:
    • cancer_is,
    • copd_is,
    • down_syndrome_is,
    • organ_transplant_is,
    • obesity30_is,
    • covid_screen_pregnant_is,
    • sickle_cell_is,
    • smoking_is,
    • type2_diabetes_is,
    • asthma_is,
    • cerebrovascular_disease_is,
    • cystic_fibrosis_is,
    • bone_marrow_is, dementia_is,
    • liver_disease_is,
    • overweight_is,
    • pulmonary_fibrosis_is,
    • thalassemia_is,
    • type1_diabetes_is
    • The Following dimensions have been deprecated and will be removed: immunocompromised_is, lung_disease_is, diabetes_is
  • Client Contacts. Deleted- Updated Client Contacts.Deleted to display Yes/No instead of 1/0

Project Descriptor Model

  • Enable All Client Forms - Enable All Client Forms" field added in the Programs and Agencies views in the Project Descriptor Model.

Client Model

  • 3rd option added to the 'Service Placement' Filter - A 3rd option has been added to "Service Placement" filter for Client model. This option labeled as "Services not linked to Enrollments" allow the user to choose those client services that has been provided directly to the client as standalone services that are not linked to any enrollment.