Release Notes

8/22/2022 Release Notes (Updated 8/25/22)

The following changes will be implemented in the data analysis tool, effective 8/22/2022. There may be changes to this article until the release date.

General Changes

đź”»Looker will be upgraded to version 22.14. Review Looker's changelog for details.

The `household_move_in_date` derived table has been refactored to improve performance. Affected models are: Client, CE, DQ & HMIS Performance models. As a result of this update the Client model can now be user to list the HoH move-in date for deleted enrollments.

The “Enrollments: Reopened” field has been refactored so it will include True values and be valid for the Enrollment instead of only the Exit screen. This should be seen across all models.

We have also added a check to the "Housed on Exit" field to ensure that reopened enrollments do not show as Housed on Exit in HMIS Performance, CE and Client Models.

The Client Assessments: Assessment Name field has been updated to Client Assessments:Name in the HMIS Performance CE and Client Models as part of the updates to screens and assessments noted under Project Descriptor model.

HMIS Performance Model

The Inbound Recidivism view has been refactored to improve accuracy and performance. Several new fields have been added showing Program ID, name, and type for previous exits. This affects the HMIS Performance and Population Over Time models.


The referrals view has been refactored to improve readability. Improvements were made to the code for the Referral Connected Enrollments field and Agency name field in the Referrals view in the Client, Coordinated Entry, and Inventory Models.

In addition the Program name, Project type, and Housing Move-In Date for Referral fields have been moved and are now under the view label "Referral Connected Enrollments" in the Client and Coordinated Entry Models. 

Updated Fields: Referrals: Referral Connected Enrollment updated to Referrals: Enrollment Connected?

The Is First Assessment for Referral fields have been added to the Client and CE models. These fields allow for reporting on the ID, Date, and Score of the first assessment associated with a referral based on the referral history.  This may be useful in cases where a referral assessment has been updated over time.

Project Descriptor Model

Made improvements to the Screens, Agency Assessments and Program Assessments views to fix aggregation problems and problems with the "Is Agency Assessment Active?" and "Is Program Assessment Active?" fields.

Fields updated:

Agency Assessments: Assessment ID,  Assessment Name, Assessment Cascade Threshold,  Assessment Usage are now Agency Assessments: ID, Name, Cascade Threshold, Usage.

The "Is Agency Assessment Active?" field in the Screens view and "Is Program Assessment Active?" field in the Program Assessments view are now hidden and will be deprecated in a future release.

The code relating to program templates has been updated to improve performance and organization.