Release Notes

7/18/2022 Release Notes

The following changes will be implemented in the data analysis tool, effective 7/18/2022. There may be changes to this article until the release date.

General Changes

  • During the 2022-02-28 Looker release we had committed to making changes to embedded Looker permissions.  Given some concerns we have delayed this change, however, it will go live on 2022-07-18.  As a reminder, this is the description of the changes:
    • Embedded users will no longer have the ability to schedule looks and dashboards.
    • Embedded users without "Data Analysis Save" will lose the option to save.
  • Added a "Connected to Customer Portal field to the clients view in all models. This will enable users to see if a client is connected to the Customer Portal.
  • The Date Created field was added to the CE Events view, which is used in the HMIS Performance model, Coordinated Entry model, and Client model. The field includes time, date, month, quarter, and year that the Coordinated Entry Event was created.
  • The City field of "Last Permanent Address" is now viewable under the Client Assessments View in the Coordinated Entry Model, Client Model, and the HMIS Performance Model.
  • The Employment status field has now been added to the Status Update Screen View under "RHY Questions" in the Client Model and HMIS Performance Model.
  • Fixed a problem where some clients' assessment dates were being returned as null because of a data quality check.
  • Added a dimension "Is First Referral per Client(Filter dependent)" in the referrals view in Client and CE models.
  • Added Date, Days Pending, End Date, In Process Date, and Last Updated Date now conform to the Lookml style guide for date dimension groups in the Client and CE Models. Special formatting was removed for the Referral Date field. 

HMIS Performance Model

  • The descriptions of fields in the inbound recidivism section in the HMIS Performance View have been changed to refer to previous exits, rather than previous enrollment, and to say that clients exited to permanent housing, rather than that the client was in stable housing.
  • The System Performance Measures (Retired) fields have been removed. The (Retired) System Performance Lookml dashboard has been removed. "New" labels have been removed from the current System Performance Measures fields.

Data Quality Model

  • Added drilldowns to data quality error counts for HOPWA services provided and HOPWA financial assistance services in the Data Quality Model