2022 Data Standards

2022 HMIS Data Standards: Go Live Next Week


Hello System Administrators,

As a reminder, the 2022 HUD HMIS Data Standards go into effect next week and will be released onto the live instances on Friday, October 1, 2021.

The HUD CSV/XML Program Data Export (HUDX-111) version 2022 will also be available as of October 1, in alignment with the 2022 HUD specifications. The previous (2020) version will remain available for the near future for any applicable reporting purposes. Beginning October 1, the DIT will only accept CSV version 2022 imports in order to ensure accurate import into the database.

To support your data analysis needs, Looker will also be upgraded to support the 2022 Data Standards. To review the changes, please refer to Clarity Human Services Data Analysis - 10/1/2021. The update to the Data Analysis Tool should be complete by 9 a.m. Pacific Time, October 1,  2021. The Data Analysis Tool will not be available from 7-9 a.m. PT while the update is happening.

In anticipation of the October 1 release date, please ensure any items needing completion before October 1 are completed by that time. Please reference these resources as guidance:

October 2021 Feature Updates

2022 HMIS Data Standards: System Administrator Checklist

2022 HMIS Data Standards: Gender

2022 HMIS Data Standards: Summary of Changes

2022 HMIS Data Standards: Field Adjustments and Looker Guidance

HMIS Data Standards Resource Page

On October 1, please update any existing Program Templates with the applicable new [2022] System screens (or customized versions) to make them available to your users. Please feel free to reach out to our friendly Help Desk staff at support@bitfocus.com with any questions.

Note: If Bitfocus provides your system administration services, your team is already planning for these changes and will be working closely with you to ensure a smooth rollout.

Finally, if you’re interested in using Bitfocus’ 2022 HMIS Data Standards Sample Paper Forms, the Word and PDF versions for editing, downloading, and printing are now available

Thank you for your continued cooperation as we work to implement the 2022 HUD HMIS Data Standards.