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2021 LSA Toolkit

We are pleased to announce the 2021 LSA Toolkit:

  • Access to four new Clarity Data Analysis dashboards to help dig into LSA errors/warnings (available to users with Data Analysis access
  • Information on 2022 LSA Programming Specification changes
  • LSA Help Desk Reminders
  • Additional Resources: 

LSA Looker Dashboards

Four new LSA Data Cleanup dashboards were created to assist with LSA preparation.  These dashboards can be accessed in two different ways. The first option is to access them through the “Built-In Reports” section of the embedded Data Analysis tab. To activate the dashboards in this location, a system administrator would need to navigate to SETUP > SETTINGS > Data Analysis > Built-In Reports.   

Within that folder, the four dashboards can each be independently activated using the toggles and then saving.

Once the dashboards are activated on the Data Analysis tab, all users with Data Analysis access will be able to run the dashboards through the “Built-in Reports” section. The dashboards will automatically adhere to agency privacy controls already set.

The second option for accessing the new LSA Cleanup Dashboards is through standalone Looker for users with a standalone Looker account. First, log in to Looker and navigate to All folders on the left side of the screen.

Within the folder, there will be a LookML dashboards folder that contains the four new LSA Cleanup dashboards as well as all of the other pre-programmed LookML dashboards.

The four dashboards include: 

  1. LSA Data Cleanup: HoH Data
  • This dashboard contains looks related to common issues surrounding the head of household (HoH) data including program enrollments without an HoH.

  • LSA Data Cleanup: Funding Source, Bed Inventory, CoC Configuration
  • This dashboard contains looks for common LSA errors around funding sources, bed inventory, and potential CoC Configuration issues. 

  • LSA Data Cleanup: Geocode, Project Descriptor, Length of Stay, and Utilization
  • This dashboard contains looks to help locate errors around geocode, project descriptors, length of stay, and utilization issues. 

  • LSA Data Cleanup: Overlapping Enrollments
  • The dashboard contains multiple looks to help drill down on overlapping enrollments. Please note that due to the complexity of these looks, this dashboard might take a little longer to load. 

We hope that you will find these dashboards useful as you prepare to address the errors/warnings that are associated with HUD’s LSA Report. If you have any questions about copying these dashboards, editing them, or any other looker questions, please reach out to the Help Desk. 

2022 LSA Programming Specifications  

The LSA team reviewed HUD’s updated 2022 LSA Programming Specifications in detail and compiled all of the changes for your reference. This document is useful for understanding the technical changes to the LSA export. 

Changes to the specs are primarily related to the following:

  • Changes to reflect HMIS Data Standard updates
  • Changes to reporting logic that may impact errors/warnings
  • Changes to process or business logic, often to reduce complexity and redundancy
  • Corrections, clarifications, and other changes

LSA Help Desk Reminders

The LSA team is excited to help you during the LSA Season. In order to expedite your ticket, it’s important to be as thorough as possible when submitting your ticket. Make sure your ticket contains the following (if it applies): 

  • Report parameters (CoC, Date Range)
  • The date the report was generated
  • The date the report was uploaded
  • The date the flag file was received
  • Attached Excel flag file