Release Notes

2020/01/31 - Release Notes

The following changes have been implemented in the Data Analysis Tool:

  • Denied by Type, Referrals - New dimension in Coordinated Entry and Client models
  • Referral Connected Enrolling Project Type, Referrals - New dimension in Coordinated Entry and Client models
  • Is Last Referral per Client (Filter Dependent), Referrals - New dimension is Coordinated Entry and Client models

Client Model

  • Client Interactions - Updated to include Client Contacts as an interaction
  • Client Last Interactions - Updated to include Client Contacts as a last interaction
  • Client File Link, Clients/Client Files - New dimension was added to provide a link back to Clarity Client File

HMIS Performance

  • Date groups were added to two Outbound Recidivism dimensions:
    • Entry date of 'appears again'
    • Entry date of 'appears again w/o stable housing'

Project Descriptor Model

  • Display Name, Referral Setting - new dimension added
    • The result will either be the "CoC Name" or the "Sharing Group Name" depending on the configuration of the community queue for the instance
  • Clarity Fields - new dimensions and measures added
    • One measure is designed to flag all custom Clarity Fields that are published to Looker but are not connected to a Clarity Screen
    • These dimensions will ONLY be visible to Looker users who have access to all agencies
  • Login Attempts, Staff - new dimension added
    • Returns the number of unsuccessful login attempts
    • The number resets after each successful login

Services Model

  • The following dimensions have been changed from string to date fields to allow for better date filtering:
    • Service Item Start Availability
    • Service Item End Availability 
    • Action Needed - Any filters or custom fields using these fields may need to be updated to take into consideration that these fields are now dates, not strings

LookML Dashboards

System Performance Measures - Homelessness and Housing

Two new Looks concerning Measure 2 were added to the dashboard. See System Performance Measures - Homelessness and Housing for more details. 

Upcoming Change

All ZIP Code dimensions will be updated to able to be used within geography-related visualizations.