Release Notes

2020/01/22 Clarity Human Services Update Release Notes

The following changes to the Data Analysis Tool were needed as a result of the update to Clarity Human Services.

Note, existing Looks and Dashboards must be updated whenever a Clarity implementation chooses to enable Multiple Community Queues.

Multiple Community Queues and Referrals

As noted in 2020/01/10 - Release Notes, in communities where Clarity Human Services is enabled for Multiple Community Queues, "Community Queue Name" will need to be added to all Looks and Dashboards. This in conjunction with existing Referral dimensions will help identify which Community Queue a client's referral is on. 

New Client Referral Status Dimensions

The following new dimensions are only found in the Coordinated Entry Model.

Community Queue Name

Identifies the name of the Community Queue a client’s referral is currently on.  Note, in some instances, this field may be null due to the relational nature of the data.

Ever on Queue

Returns “Yes” if a client has ever been on any Community Queue

Client Ever on Specific Queue

This dimension returns “Yes” if the client was ever on the Community Queue identified by Community Queue Name dimension.

Referral Id

The Referral Id relating to a specific client referral.

New Referrals  and Referral History Dimension

The following new dimension is found in the Client and Coordinated Entry models.

Community Queue Name

This is the name of the Community Queue a referral is on

Reporting on Multiple Community Queue Setup

To report on the setup of Multiple Community Queues (MCQ) you will need to use the Project Descriptor Model. There is a new section “Referral Community Queues.” The Dimensions in this section correlate to the MCQ setup screen in Clarity.

Client Field Interactions 

Formerly from Client Addresses, the group of fields called "Client Field Interactions" has been broken out into its own view.

Location Fields

Where location information is available, the following fields have been grouped together as "Location":

  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Location
  • State
  • ZIP Code

This impacts the following views: 

  • Client Addresses
  • Client Field Interactions
  • Program Sites
  • Agencies

Project Descriptor Model

Also as noted in 2020/01/10 - Release Notes, previously saved Looks and Dashboards using the following fields will need to be updated to include "Day or "Days" to filters. For example "30" will now be "30 Days".

  • Enrollment Cascade Threshold, Programs
  • Assessment Cascade Threshold, Agency Assessments
  • Enrollment Age Warning Threshold, Programs
  • Autoexit Duration, Programs