Release Notes

2020/01/10 - Release Notes

The following changes have been implemented in the Data Analysis Tool:

  • Field Interaction Date, Client Addresses - New dimension
  • Sexual Orientation Other, RHY Questions - New 2020 Data Standards dimension
  • Is First Assessment per Client (Filter Dependent), Client Assessments
  • New Dimensions added to Client Assessments
    • Assessing Agency ID
    • Assessing Agency Name
    • Assessing Agency CoC
  • Deleted, Client Interactions - New dimension

Client Model

  • New Dimensions added to Client Interactions
    • Interacting Agency ID
    • Interacting Agency Name
    • Interacting Agency CoC
  • New Dimensions added to Enrollments
    • Enrolling Agency ID
    • Enrolling Agency Name
    • Enrolling Agency CoC

HMIS Performance

  • CoC Code of Client's HoH at Project Update, Update/Exit Screen - New dimension
  • Agency Name, Enrollments - Dimension has been removed
    • Same information can be obtained from Agency section

LookML Dashboards

Several dashboards looking at race and ethnicity distribution and equity have been added in this release:

  • Ethnicity Outcomes Equity and Distribution
  • Race Outcomes Equity and Distribution

Review Race and Ethnicity Dashboards for details about the Looks used in these dashboards.

Upcoming Clarity Human Services Application Changes 

On 1/22/2020, Clarity Human Services will be updated. Existing Looks and Dashboards may need updating as a result. The following dimensions will also be updated in the data analysis tool. If these are used, as filters, in saved Looks or Dashboards, these will need to be updated in order to perform correctly.

Coordinated Entry Model

When Clarity is enabled for Multi-Community Queues and an instance enables a new queue, then all Looks and Dashboards which rely on queue information will need to be updated to add a queue name filter.

Project Descriptor Model

  • Enrollment Cascade Threshold, Programs
  • Assessment Cascade Threshold, Agency Assessments
  • Enrollment Age Warning Threshold, Programs
  • Autoexit Duration, Programs

In each case, "Day" or "Days" will need to be added to the filter. For example "30" will now be "30 Days".