Release Notes

2019/11/22 - Release Notes

The following changes have been implemented in the Data Analysis Tool.

  • Client Assessments, Chronic Health Services - Added dimension
  • Client Assessments, Mental Health Services - Added dimension
  • Client Assessments, Substance Abuse Services - Added dimension
  • Client Assessments, Developmental Services - Added dimension
  • Client Assessments, Physical Services - Added dimension
  • Client Assessments, Is Last Assessment per Client - Created new dimension, which is filter dependent, and shows Yes/No if the assessment is the most recent
  • Enrollments, Engaged - This dimension will show whether the enrollment has been noted as PATH Engaged at any point in the data collection process
  • Enrollments, First Enrollment Since Stably Housed - Created new dimension which will flag enrollments that are the first enrollment after being previously stably housed
  • Enrollment, Last Destination - Removed, as notified in the Release Notes of 2019/11/01 [Archived Article]
  • Income Sources, Non-Cash Benefits, Health Insurance - All Yes/No dimensions for these data elements have been updated to Yes/No/Data Not Collected in alignment with HUD HMIS CSV specifications

    Action Required: If a saved Look is set to filter the Yes/No dimension, the filter should be updated to account for the new values:
    • Data not collected
    • NULL 
  • Services, Service Date Filter - Filter now works as a services reporting period filter, similar to the Reporting Period Filter available on some models
  • Services, Reporting Period Start Date, New filter added
  • Services, Reporting Period End Date, New filter added
  • The following have been added to the HMIS Performance and Services Models
    • Service Employment Options, Employer's Name
    • Service Employment Options, Employment Placement
    • Service Employment Options, Hourly Wage
    • Service Employment Options, Hours per Week
    • Service Employment Options, ID
    • Service Employment Options, Position

      Note: If a service with employment information was entered for a client, and then the service item setup was changed to no longer collect employment information, the previously entered employment information is NOT removed from the database. To exclude employment information connected to service items that no longer collect employment information:
      • Set a filter:
        • Service Employment Options, Employment Placement = Yes
  • The following has been added to the Coordinated Entry and Client Models
    • Referral History, Referto Program 

Client Model

  • "Agencies" view label has been updated to Agency Creating Profile to more accurately describe what is being reported 
  • Referto Programs, Full Name - Dimension now pulls in the agency name of the agency that the referral was sent to, rather than the agency that created the client profile
  • Client Interactions, Count - New measure added

Coordinated Entry Model

  • Referral History, Referral Note - New dimension, all notes for a given referral
  • Referral History, Referral Note Date - New dimension, all notes for a given referral

Data Quality Model

The following have been created or are now grouped under Enrollments, Data Collection Stage

  • Data Collection Stage Created Date - New dimension
  • Data Collection Stage Updated Date - New dimension
  • Data Collection Stage ID - Now grouped
  • Data Collection Stage - Now grouped
  • Status Assessment Type - Now grouped

HMIS Performance Model

  • New PH Exit Destinations - FY 2020 Destinations 33 and 34 were added to the Inbound and Outbound Recidivism derived tables

LookML Dashboards

  • Data Quality - Dashboard updated to:
    • Remove fields retired due to FY 2020 data standards
    • Add new Look for Coordinated Entry errors
  • Clarity Usage and System Stats - Dashboard updated to:
    • Add new CoC Information Error Look
    • Aligned other Project Descriptor Looks with FY 2020 Data Standards

Upcoming Change - Enrollments, Housed on Exit Removal

With the next release, the Client Model will be updated and Enrollments, Housed on Exit will be removed. This dimension is a duplicate of Update/Exit Screen, Housed on Exit, which will remain.