Release Notes

2019/09/20 Release Notes

The following additional/changes have been implemented in the data analysis tool.

  • Reporting Period Filter - The filter will now be able to accurately process single date filters (ie. "Is on or after")
  • Household Income dimensions - All dimensions involving household income will now account for more than one update in a single day and clients in the household who have had a previous update

Coordinated Entry Model

  • Referral Connected Enrollment and Enrollment Household Move-in Date will no longer take deleted enrollments into account
  • Release of Information will show all non-deleted records

HMIS Performance Model

  • System Performance Measures, Measure 2 dimensions - Drill downs have been added to the Measure 2 dimensions

Project Descriptor Model

Agency Services vs Program Services

The Project Descriptor model separates Agency Services from Program Services. In Clarity Human Services, this distinction is defined as follows:

Agency Services

Program Services

Services screen, Program Options:

  • None of the programs are selected

Services screen, Options:

  • At least one program is selected

"Program Usage" is not used in determining if a service is Agency or Program.

For the Data Analysis Tool, the following dimensions were added to both the Agency Services and Program Services views:

  • Program Usage
  • Site Type
  • Require Program Enrollment
  • Services Option
  • Attendance History Assist
  • Default Intake Model
  • Require Release of Information
  • Group Placement Option