Release Notes

2019/08/30 Release Notes

The following additions/changes have been implemented in the data analysis tool.

  • Client Assessments, Sleep Frequently - added retired core field for historical reporting purposes (vi_spdat_q13)
  • Clients, Client Files, Client Program Files Yes/No - added new dimension which indicates if a file is connected to a program enrollment
    • To filter by specific programs, add a filter on Programs, Name
  • Clients, Client Files, Other File Names - If null, will return "Other"
  • Client Notes, Staff - will now display the full name of the Staff member who created the client note
  • PATH Engagement Yes/No  - is now retired and replaced by a calculated dimension "Engaged"
  • Service Attendance Dates - new measures added:
    • First Attendance Date
    • Last Attendance Date
  • Is Latest Move-In Date Yes/No - as announced previously, this measure has now been retired and is no longer available in any views or models
  • Enrollments - added new dimensions:
    • Is First Enrollment per Agency
    • Is Last Enrollment per Agency

Client Model

The Client Model will now return deleted enrollments. Queries that should only include undeleted enrollments should be filtered by:

  • Enrollments, Deleted Yes/No, new dimension added

Project Descriptor

  • Staff, Recent Reports - the date range is no longer limited to the previous 5 days but will return the entire history