Release Notes

2019/08/09 Release Notes

The following additions/changes have been implemented in the data analysis tool.

  • Update/Exit Screen, Exit Destination - Updated filter "suggestions" to 2020 Data Standards labels.
  • Clients, Profile Household - The following changes were made to the Profile Screen Household dimensions:
    • Household Member End Date removed from all models EXCEPT Client Model
    • Active in Household? - New dimension added which will evaluate "Yes" if client is currently active in the household and "No" if the client has exited.
  • Engaged - Added new dimension which will calculate engagement based on whether there is an Engagement Date. This will replace the PATH Engagement dimension.

Client Model

Historic Profile Household data will now return in report results.

Coordinated Entry

  • Client Referral Status, Currently on Queue - Updated label to distinguish from "Referrals" dimension. Now "Is client currently on queue?"
  • Referrals, Currently on Queue  - Updated label to distinguish from "Client Referral Status" dimension. Now "Is the referral currently on queue"?

HMIS Performance

Population Over Time

Modified the Population Over Time model to provide only data for the last two-years from today's date.

  • Bed Utilization count - Modified to aggregate based on Observation Date interval selected
  • Enrollments count - Modified to aggregate based on Observation Date interval selected

Project Descriptor

  • Enrollment Age Warning (Yes/No) - New dimension added
  • Enrollment Age Warning Threshold - New dimension added