Release Notes

2019/07/19 Release Notes

The following additions/changes have been implemented in the data analysis tool.

  • Client Assessments, Count - Additional fields have been added to the drill down
  • Services, Service Added Date - Improved formatting of the field
  • Enrollments, Enrollment Household - Added the following fields to this group:
    • Age of HoH
    • Age of Oldest HH Member
    • Age of Youngest HH Member
    • Household Type now includes Single Adult and Single Child
    • Ages are calculated at individual's Project Start Date
  • Client Notes - Modified Client Notes to more accurately reflect Client Notes Privacy settings
  • Client Addresses, Date - Included the manually entered Date from the address record
  • Data Refresh Rates - Added a help center article about data refresh rates and when and how the various tables are refreshed
  • Entry Screen - New fields exposed:
    • Indian Health Services Program (Yes / No)
    • HOPWA: No Medicaid Reason
    • HOPWA: No Medicare Reason
    • HOPWA: No SCHIP Reason
    • HOPWA: No VA Medical Reason
    • HOPWA: No Employer Insurance Reason
    • HOPWA: No COBRA Reason
    • HOPWA: No Private Pay Health Insurance Reason
    • HOPWA: No State Insurance Reason
    • HOPWA: No Indian Health Services Reason
    • Non-Cash Benefits: Other (Yes / No)
    • Non-Cash Benefits: Other Source
    • Other Health Insurance (Yes / No), fixed issue
    • Other Health Insurance Source, fixed issue
  • Release of Information, Permission - now displays as "Yes", "No" or "NULL"
  • Client Notes, Latest Note by Enrollment Y/N - Determines the latest program note entered per client, per enrollment

Coordinated Entry

  • Client Assessments, Days Since Last Assessment - Counts the days between assessments per client. When a filter is added on Assessment Name, the count of days will change to show days elapsed between like assessments. Note: A NULL value is indicative of the first record.
  • Referral, Connected Enrolling Program - the actual program enrollment resulting from a referral
  • Referral, Connected Client Move-in Date - Move-in Date for the enrolling program as a result of a referral
  • Referral, Connected Enrollment Y/N - Flag to determine whether an enrollment is linked to a referral or not (used when including enrollment data in CE model query

Population Over Time

  • Bed Utilization Rate - Added measure to the the model
    • This provides utilization information for Entry/Exit programs and is based on Enrollments

Project Descriptor

  • Screens, Is Assessment Active in Agency Settings? - Added new dimension that when used in conjunction with Screen Name and when Screen Type = "Assessment" will determine whether or not an assessment is active (Toggled On) in the Agency's settings

Retiring Field

Due to complex usage and redundancy, the "Is Latest Move-in Date (Yes/No)" measure will be removed from the data analysis tool by 9/1/2019. Please review active Looks if they will be impacted. If necessary, submitted requests to the help desk for suggestions on alternative approaches.