Release Notes

2019/06/28 - Release Notes

The following additions/changes have been implemented in the data analysis tool.

  • Client Assessments, Is Latest Assessment (Yes/No)  - fixed issue where dimension was including deleted assessments in the results
  • Client Addresses, Zipcode +  4 - New field which will return either 5 or 9 digit Zipcodes as entered in Clarity Human Services
  • Entry Screen, core fields - The following core fields were exposed
    • Indian Health Services Program (Yes / No)
    • HOWPA: No Medicaid Reason
    • HOWPA: No Medicare Reason
    • HOWPA: No SCHIP Reason
    • HOWPA: No VA Medical Reason
    • HOWPA: No Employer Insurance Reason
    • HOWPA: No COBRA Reason
    • HOWPA: No Private Pay Health Insurance Reason
    • HOWPA: No State Insurance Reason
    • HOWPA: No Indian Health Services Reason
    • Non-Cash Benefits: Other (Yes / No)
    • Non-Cash Benefits: Other Source
  • Entry Screen, Other Health Insurance (Yes/No) and Source - corrected a problem with results from these dependent fields
  • Update/Exit Screen, Total Household Income dimension - reviewed logic and fixed minor issue that may have caused discrepancies in household incomes
  • Referrals, Last Referral Note - dimension was stripped of HTML tags
  • Client Files, File Size (KB) - new dimension added that represents the uploaded file size in kilobytes
  • Client Notes, Latest Note by Enrollment (Yes/No) - new dimension added which determines the latest program note entered per client, per enrollment


  • Release of Information Sharing - added sharing settings to permissions in the Client model

HMIS Performance

  • Descriptions - Where needed, added descriptions to all dimensions and measures in the model