Release Notes

2/1/2022 Release Notes

The following changes will be implemented in the data analysis tool, effective 2/1/2022. There may be changes to this article until the release date

General Changes

  • Making database adjustments throughout the month of February to set us up for future performance improvements.
  • Added "Grants" group and associated fields under Program Funding Sources in the Client, Data Quality, HMIS Performance, and Project Descriptor models.
  • Added Reopened, Restored dimensions under enrollments in HMIS Perf, client model, CE model.
  • Updated the CE Event section to include Safe Haven Projects in CE Event 10 following the recent decision made by HUD
  •  Added full geolocations to Program Sites View in HMIS Performance, Project Descriptor and Client models
  • Updated descriptions of the Client Location fields.
  • New Dimension "Is Last Enrollment per Client (Filter Dependent)" added to HMIS Performance, Client, Services and Coordinated Entry models.
  • `household_entry_screen` Derived table persistence changed to refresh every hour. `client_program_screening_base` derived table persistence changed to refresh every 2 hours. 
  • (Update Postponed until 2/28/22) Important: Embedded Looker users will lose their ability to schedule looks from the embedded Looker interface.  Existing scheduled looks will continue to operate, but no new looks can be scheduled from embedded Looker.  If an embedded user will need to schedule looks, they should contact their system administrators to schedule content for them.

Project Descriptor Model

  • Added dimensions for User Policy Added Date and File Link in the Staff view under User Policies in the Project Descriptor Model to support multiple end user agreements.
  • Added field "Assessment Usage", as well as "Assessment ID" and "Assessment Name" to Agency Assessments in the Project Descriptor model.
  • In Project Descriptor model added Automatic Referrals in referral settings and group for Automatically Referred Assessments with Assessment name, Queue name. In CE model/Client model added Automatic Referral to the referrals view.
  • Updated description for The 'Bed Allocations for Analysis Period' fields in the Project Descriptor Model

HMIS Performance

  • Refactored "Is Veteran Household" field in the HMIS Performance model to improve performance
  • Refactored "Total Change in Cash Income" field to return NULL if income is not known at entry/exit/followup/update

Data Quality Model

  • All the dimensions and measures under `program_custom`view are now exposed on Data Quality model.
  • Added "Overlapping Client CoC" field to the Data Quality model with the other Overlapping Residential Stays fields. Added drill-down fields to the Overlapping Residential Enrollments Count measure.

CSV Export Model (BETA)

  • Refactored DateDeleted in Disabilities, Events, and Services in the HUD CSV Export (BETA) model.
  • Refactored RaceNone in HUD CSV Export (BETA) model to improve accuracy.
  • Refactored all the DateDeleted fields to return the appropriate date in the HUD CSV Export (BETA) model.
  • Refactored UserID in the HUD CSV Export Exit to be consistent with other files and the Pentaho report.
  • Refactored UserID in the HUD CSV Export YouthEducationStatus to be consistent with other files and the Pentaho report. 
  • Refactored HealthAndDV for greater accuracy in the HUD CSV Export model.
  • Refactored UserID in the HUD CSV Export EmploymentEducation to be consistent with other files and the Pentaho report. 
  • Made changes to Funder > FunderID , AddedDate (now StartDate), and UserID (now ref_user_updated) in the HUD CSV Export (BETA) model to match FunderID in Pentaho report. 
  • Refactored ProjectCommonName in the HUD CSV Export Project View to display Project Alias

New Customer Configuration Dashboard

  • New dashboard released to validate new customer setup.

LSA Data Cleanup: Overlapping Enrollments Dashboard

  • A column containing the list of overlapping program names was added to the 'Clients with Multiple Night-by-Night Emergency Shelter Bed Nights on the Same Night' on the 'LSA Data Cleanup: Overlapping Enrollments' dashboard.

Backend SQL Updates

Added the following fields corresponding with the latest Clarity Human Services update.

Table Column Type Action
agency_assessments assessment_usage tinyint added
client_programs_log is_reopened tinyint added
client_programs_log is_restored tinyint added
client_program_demographics is_reopened tinyint added
client_program_demographics is_restored tinyint added
referrals is_automatic tinyint added
referral_community_queue_assessments is_automatic tinyint added
referral_settings automatic_referred_assessment tinyint added
release_of_information is_autoexpired tinyint added
funding_grant_identifier id tinyint added
funding_grant_identifier ref_funding_source tinyint added
funding_grant_identifier grant_identifier varchar(150) added
funding_grant_identifier start_date datetime added
funding_grant_identifier end_date datetime added
funding_grant_identifier added_date datetime added
funding_grant_identifier ref_user tinyint added
funding_grant_identifier last_updated datetime added
funding_grant_identifier grant_amount decimal added
funding_grant_identifier adjustment decimal added
funding_grant_identifier expenses decimal added
funding_grant_identifier sub_granted decimal added
funding_grant_identifier total_available decimal added
funding_grant_identifier ref_user_updated int added
funding_grant_identifier original_amount decimal added
funding_source grant_identifier   removed