Release Notes

12/17/2021 Release Notes

The following changes will be implemented in the data analysis tool, effective 12/17/2021. There may be changes to this article until the release date

General Changes

  • "Living Situation Verified By" field added to Client Assessments drop-down. (Does not require CE Enrollment.)
  • Added string-type ZIP Code field for use in Custom Fields and Filters for Client Addresses and Client Field Interactions views.
  • Exposed ID, Date Created, User Creating, Date Updated, User Updating, Code, and Assessment Processor in their own drop-down, "Assessment Processors".
  • Exposed `health_dv_occurred`, `health_dv_fleeing`, `health_hiv` in Client Assessments. Moved `health_phys_disability` from VI-SPDAT group and into Disability Types group and updated description to make it searchable with VI-SPDAT fields.
  • Exposed "Private" field on Services
  • Removed duplicate field Entry Screen > Data Collection Stage
  • Refactored Programs > Count to only count Distinct Program IDs

Project Descriptor Model

  • Added "User Updating Name" to the Screens view of the Project Descriptor mode

HMIS Performance

  • Programs- Is HMIS Participating Project' exposed in the HMIS Performance Model
  • A new "Destination Category" dimension has been added on "Update/Exit Screen" section.
  • Added `is_veteran_household` field to HMIS Performance > Enrollments to determine whether a household has EVER had a Veteran
  • The old "Beta" SPM measures will be phased out by Q1 2022.  

ACTION NEEDED: Please update any SPM content to use the new SPM fields released.

Coordinated Entry Model

  • Referral History - Added Date dimension added to the Referral History Section in the CE Model.

Data Quality Model

  • Refactored "Annual Assessment Status" to prevent nulls.

Services Model

  • Replaced Agency fields with Program Name, Program ID, Project Type and Count Programs fields in the Programs View in the Services model. 

CSV Export Model (BETA)

  • Refactored the DateDeleted fields to return the appropriate date.

Coordinated Entry Dashboards

  • Assessment Scores - Currently on Queue tile was updated on both CE Dashboards. The Assessment Scores tile has been improved and now includes Assessment Name to differentiate community’s assessments and scores.

LSA Data Cleanup - Overlapping Enrollments Dashboard

  • The "LSA Data Cleanup: Overlapping Enrollments" dashboard Title was updated to match the format of the other LSA Data Cleanup dashboards. Additionally, a Look for "Clients with Multiple Night-by-Night Emergency Shelter Bed Nights on the Same Night" was added to the bottom of the dashboard.