Release Notes

10/17/2022 Release Notes

The following changes will be implemented in the data analysis tool, effective 10/17/2022. There may be changes to this article until the release date.

General Changes

A Coordinated Entry Dashboard Series has been created including seven new Coordinated Entry LookML Dashboards highlighting various metrics like configuration and setup, CE enrollments, currently on a community queue, length of time, and referrals/outcomes. The existing CE Dashboard has been marked retired and will be removed in a future release.

In the HMIS Performance and Client models the "First Enrollment Date" field under "Enrollments" has been changed to a date type field from a character string type field. This may change how the field functions in filters. 

Required Action: Any looks filtered on the "First Enrollment Date" field will need to be updated. When the "First Enrollment Date" field is downloaded as a .xlsx file, it will now be in date format instead of a string format.  *

We will be upgrading looker to the latest version on 10/24/22

As part of the 7/18/22 release embedded users were no longer able to schedule looks. Any schedules created by embedded users may still work but emails sent to users external to their organizations will no longer work. These schedules should be recreated by a standalone user at the organization to ensure all email recipients continue to receive the report. 

HMIS Performance

Updated label and description for the CH at PIT dimension. 

Required Action: Updated labels may impact exported fields. *


Updated "Housed on Exit" field to display NULL rather than "Not Housed" when the enrollment exit date is NULL. The field will still display “Not Housed” if the exit destination field is NULL when the exit date is not null. 

Required Action: Any looks  filtered to “Not Housed” with the intent of including non-exited clients, will need to add null response to the filter.  *


CE Model

Client Referrals Status > "Referral ID" field is hidden and unavailable for future Looks in the CE model. (Will not break current Looks.)

Required Action: None

Data Quality Model


Corrections have been made to the "Grand Total Error Count" field to remove duplicated counts of errors.  

Required Action: None

Inventory Model

Added the "Total Days Housed In Project" measure to the Enrollments view. 

Required Action: None

Project Descriptor Model

The Encampments view is now visible in the Project Descriptor Model. 

The following fields are included as a part of the Encampments view: 

Encampment Active(Yes/No), 

Encampment Added Date, 

Center of Encampment, 

Encampment Deleted (Yes/ No), 

Encampment End Date, 

Encampment Start Date, 

Encampment ID, 

Encampment Last Updated Date, 

Name of Encampment, 

Encampment Notes

Required Action: None

* Please contact Technical Support for help identifying content that needs to be updated.