Release Notes

10/16/2020 - Release Notes

Responding to customer needs, the Release Notes will now be published two weeks ahead of release. There may be some small changes as the actual release date approaches.

The following changes will be implemented in the data analysis tool.

  • General updates to all models addressing issue where rows of data repeated
  • Case Manager, Referrals - this dimension is now available where Referrals is included in the model
  • User Creating, Referral Notes - new dimension added
  • User Updating, Referral Notes - new dimension added
  • Is Latest Enrollment per Reporting Period Filter, Enrollments - this dimension has been modified to include enrollments active during the reporting period, regardless if the Start Date is before the selected timeframe
  • Active ROI, Clients - this dimension is now available and is a flag that will return Yes/No result indicating whether the client has ANY active ROI in the system with Permission = Yes

Data Quality

  • Annual Assessment Status, DQ Annual Assessments - the logic for the dimension was extended to include non-HoH clients who have a Start Date before the HoH
    • These clients will now be reported as "Project Start Date before HoH Start Date"
  • Count Annual Assessment Errors, DQ Annual Assessments - will now count Annual Assessment Status "Project Start Date before HoH Start Date" as an error

HMIS Performance

  • SPM Night-by-Night Count - An issue has been found in the NbN count used for SPM
    • Non-residential attendance services were counted as if there were residential services
    • This could have a have a small impact in the resulting SPM counts where some clients had non-residential attendance or multi-attendance services
    • Our investigation concluded there were only a few clients in this situation
  • Deleted Dimensions - the Deleted dimensions have been removed from the following views as the HMIS Performance model because deleted enrollments are never included in the model
    • Status Update Screen
    • Enrollments

Project Descriptor

  • Service Added Date, Services - dimension is now available
  • Service Item Added Date, Services - dimension is now available
  • Type, Questions - added response
    • "Warning" added as a type
    • The warning text via Display Name field