Release Notes

07/30/2021 - Release Notes

General Changes

The following changes will be implemented in the data analysis tool, effective 7/30/2021. There may be changes to this article until the release date.

  • Age at Report Start/Project Start/Current Date - The "Entry Screen" section has a new "Age at Report Start/Project Start/Current Date" that calculates the age based on the "Enrollment Household" filter choice.
  • Client HoH Age- Client HoH Age dimension updated to show as NULL if HoH Birth Date is NULL.
  • Assigned Staff Home Agency - A new dimension "Assigned Staff Home Agency" has been added to the "Enrollments" section.
  • Service Deleted (Yes/No)  - Service Deleted (Yes/No) dimension added to Project Descriptor model under the Services section.

Project Descriptor Model

  • Clarity Fields: Data Entry Field Type  - A new dimension has been added to Project Descriptor Model, Clarity Fields: Data Entry Field Type (Text Box, Text, Checkbox, Date, etc.)
  • Service Dimensions Added - New dimensions added to Project Descriptor under the Services Section:
    • Site
    • Enable Accounts
    • Enable Geolocation
    • Geolocation Required
    • Reservation Option
    • Reservation Type
    • Default Reservation Term
    • Program Enrollment Warning
    • Allow Referred Reservation
    • Enable Time Tracking
    • Default Time Tracking (Hours)
    • Default Time Tracking (Minutes)
    • Tracking Time Type
  • Template Details: Program Screen - In "Project Descriptor" model, on "Programs" section and into "Template Details" grouping, there is a new "Program Screen" dimension to show the name of the custom program screen setup
  • Role Types -The dimension "Primary Access Role Type" has been added to Project Descriptor model under the "Staff" section.

HMIS Performance Model

  • Enrollments: First Enrollment since stably housed - First Enrollment Since Stably Housed refactored to fix a bug and description updated.

Built-in Dashboards

Reservations Dashboard - Filtered out inactive services from the reservation status tile.