Release Notes

07/17/2020 - Release Notes

Responding to customer needs, the Release Notes will now be published two weeks ahead of release. There may be some small changes as the actual release date approaches.

The following changes will be implemented in the data analysis tool.

  • Coordinated Entry Event Count - the table derived for Coordinated Entry Events was updated 
    • Users may notice a change in the Count measure
  • Household ID, Enrollments, Enrollment Household - the label has been changed from "Household Id" to "Household ID"
    • Also changed Household ID, Referral Connections
    • For Looker uses, this change should not cause any problems
    • However, for uses outside of Looker, there may be a need to change the case of the column headers
  • Community Queue Name, Referral Community Queues - this dimension is now located under the group label "Referral Community Queues"
    • Affects Coordinated Entry and Client Models
  • Community Queue Prioritization, Referral Community Queues - new dimension has now been exposed
    • Affects Coordinated Entry and Client Models
  • Deleted, the Deleted dimension has been removed from some views because the models already removed deleted information
    • Program CoCremoved from both Project Descriptor and Data Quality
    • Program Inventory - removed from both Project Descriptor and Data Quality
    • Clients - Removed from Data Quality Model
    • No action needed for any of these changes
  • Service Items Geolocations - Service Items Geolocations removed as these fields are not in use in Clarity
  • Agency Information - "Agency Information" was added to some view labels in all models except Project Descriptor
    • Do not anticipate any action needed for this change
  • Client Location, Field Interaction - updated the dimension to allow for map visualizations
  • Amount, Program Funding Sources - changed format of the field to US Dollars
  • Income TANF, Income and Sources - updated the label on this dimension
  • Referto Program Openings Custom - the relationship between the Referto Program Openings Custom fields has changed from an inner-join (restrictive) to left-join
    • Action Needed: if it is desired to limit the rows to ONLY include those with Referto Program Opening Custom, please add a filter such as Referto Program Openings ID is not null
    • Affects Clients and Coordinated Entry models
  • Updated the code for the following fields to ensure the dimensions/measures return the expected results:
    • Referral History
      • Last Denied Date
      • Last Added to Queue Date
      • Last Program Referral Date
      • Reassigned Date
      • In Process
        • Results will change due to the update
      • In Process Date
        • Results will change due to the update

Client Model

Deleted Added to the Model

Updated the following to include deleted data AND added a Deleted dimension which can be used to filter out deleted data.

  • Referral Notes
  • Program Inventory
  • Client Services
  • Service Items
  • Entry, Exit, Update and Follow-up Screens
  • Client Field Interactions Geolocations
  • Client Addresses Geolocations
  • Sites Geolocations
  • Client Services Geolocations

Action Needed

Any saved Looks, where fields from the above views are included AND deleted data is not needed in the Look, will now need to be filtered to exclude the deleted information.

Additional Client Model Changes

  • Staff ID - this field was mistakenly exposed in this model and will be removed
    • Action Needed: Any report using this field should be updated with "Enrollments, Assigned Staff" in place of "Staff ID

Data Quality Model

  • Staff - updated the join on the users table to prevent multiple Staff First/Last Names from being associated with a single Username

HMIS Performance

  • Client Service Programs - update the join to exclude records where services have been deleted

Outbound Recidivism

New dimensions have been added to Outbound Recidivism under the group label "Homeless System Reentry."

These dimensions are based on similar logic to the "Next Entry without Stable Housing" dimensions.

  • A client exits an enrollment to a permanent destination and reenters a program, requiring homelessness, including PH programs where the move-in date does not match the program start date

However, "Next Entry without Stable Housing" only provides information where the immediate next entry matches the aforementioned logic whereas the "Homeless System Reentry" dimensions pull the first reentry into the homeless system regardless of how many enrollments have occurred between the exit to a permanent destination and subsequent reentry into the homeless system.


  1. Client A exits an emergency shelter (ES) program to a permanent destination
  2. Later enrolls in a services only program
  3. Then enrolls in another ES program

When looking at the first ES enrollment, the "Next Entry Without Stable Housing" does not indicate reentry into the homeless system. The new "Homeless System Reentry" dimensions will provide information for the second ES enrollment because that is the point where the client first reenters the homeless system.

Since these dimensions are intended for use in systemwide analysis, the new "Homeless System Reentry" dimensions will only be available to Looker users who have access to all agencies within their instance.

Data Quality Dashboard

The following changes were made to the Data Quality Dashboard:

  • Added a Look which counts the numbers of errors in the Current Living Situation assessment
  • Separated the UDE Error Counts - Living Situation Elements look into "Living Situation A" and "Living Situation B" fields
    • This change allows for drill downs on the error counts 
  • Refer to the Data Quality Dashboard article for more details about this dashboard

Upcoming Changes

The following changes will take place in the release after 07/17/2020.

Chronic Homeless Calculations

All Chronic Homeless calculated dimensions will be updated and improve performance.

  • Chronically Homeless at Project Start
  • Chronically Homeless Point-in-Time
  • Chronically Homeless Household

HMIS Performance Model

The dimensions and measures found in the Entry Screen view will be updated to provide real time connection between Clarity Human Services and the data analysis tool. This is part of an on-going process to improve the performance of this model.