Release Notes

05/21/2021 - Release Notes

The following changes will be implemented in the data analysis tool, effective 5/21/2021. There may be changes to this article until the release date.

  • Assessing Program Enrollment ID, Client Assessments - New dimension added to the Coordinated Entry and HMIS Performance models
  • Count, Enrollments - Added Housing Move-in Date to the drill fields


  • Assessing Program, Client Assessments - Added to the model
  • Assessing Program Enrollment ID - Added to the model

Data Quality

  • Overlapping Move-in Date - Dimension has been removed from the model and replaced with the following dimension
  • Overlapping Household Move-in Date - Replaces Overlapping Move-in Date
    • Action Needed - Any saved looks or dashboards that include Overlapping Move-in Date should be changed to the new dimension
  • Date PATH Status Determination Error - After further review of the Data Dictionary, an additional condition was added to this error
    • All Case Statements now include: Where [Client Enrolled in PATH] = No
    • Previously, only [Client Enrolled in PATH] = Yes was used in the Case Statements
  • Household Count - The drill fields for this measure have been expanded to include:
    • Enrollment ID
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Household ID
    • Client Full Name
  • Relationship to Head of Household Error, DQ Client UDE - Two new error messages were added:
    • No HoH Selected
    • Inactive HoH Selected
  • Disabling Error - A new error message has been added
    • Invalid Disabling Condition status selected due to specific longterm disabilities
      • Occurs when any disability has been classified as Long Term and Disabling Condition is No

HMIS Performance

  • Service Item Category 1, Service Items - new dimension added which allows for better service reporting on Federal Partner programs such as SSVF, RHY, PATH, etc. 
  • Service Item Category 2, Service Items - a sub-category of the above
  • Service Item Category 3, Service Items - lowest level sub-category
  • User Home Agency - Added to Entry, Followup, Update, and Last Screens
  • User Home Agency ID - Added to Entry, Followup, Update, and Last Screens
  • Inbound Recidivism - The logic has been updated to match Outbound Recidivism so appropriate program categories are considered

Project Descriptor

  • Site Type - Field has been moved to "Retired" group

Built-in Dashboards

Two new dashboards will be added to the library: