Release Notes

04/16/2021 - Release Notes

The following changes will be implemented in the data analysis tool, effective 4/16/2021. There may be changes to this article until the release date.

The Data Services Team has been dedicating many resources to investigating the performance problems with Looker. The model is suffering from growing pains. Thank you in advance for your patience while we work to solve this issue.

  • Referred-to CoC - New dimension added to Coordinated Entry and Client models
  • Chronic Homeless calculations - The Chronic Homeless dimensions have been refactored to improve performance
  • Homeless Program Categories - "Safe Haven" has been added to the Looker definition of "Homeless Programs" and waterfalls into several Looker dimensions and measures

Client Model

  • Referto Agency Name - New dimension added

Coordinated Entry Model

  • Program Openings Custom - the join for this view has been updated from "inner" to "left outer"
  • Entry Custom - the join for this view has been updated from "inner" to "left outer"

Data Quality Model

  • Overlapping Household Move-in Date, DQ Residential Stay Compare - New dimension added
  • Veteran Discharge  - These fields have been improved

HMIS Performance Model

  • Outbound Recidivism - These fields have been refactored to improve performance
  • Outbound Recidivism - The following fields have been restricted to users who have access to all agencies:
    • Next Entry Program
    • Next Entry Program ID
    • Next Entry Program Without Stable Housing
    • Next Entry Program ID Without Stable Housing

Project Descriptor Model

Changed the following fields to yesno data types.

  • Programs Affiliated with a Residential Project
  • Programs Allow Autoservice Placement
  • Programs Enable Notes
  • Programs Enable Files
  • Programs Enable Charts
  • Programs Eligibility Enabled

Action Needed: Any saved Looks or Dashboards which use the above fields for filtering will need to be updated.

Built-in Dashboard

A new built in dashboard is now available: APR Submission Preparation. It is designed to help program managers prepare for submitting the Annual Performance Report. For more information, please refer to APR Submittal Preparation.