Release Notes

01/29/2021 - Release Notes

The following changes will be implemented in the data analysis tool, effective 1/29/2021.

  • First Enrollment Date and Latest Enrollment Date, Enrollments - Updated to pull based on Enrollment Start Date rather than Enrollment Date Added
  • Last Exit, Enrollments - The measure was updated to populate correct data
  • User Creating and User Updating, Current Living Situation - Added dimensions to models where Current Living Situation is implemented
  • Current Living Situation Custom Joins - updated in Client and HMIS Performance models so custom Client Living Situation will be displayed in the models
  • Custom Geolocation Fields, Resolved and issue where some custom geolocation fields were not showing in the models
  • Service Report Date Filter, Services - Addressed an issue when the filter was used with the "absolute" option may not return all results
  • Funding Name, Funding Sources - new dimension added

Client Model

  • Service Placement, Services - A new filter has been added which will allow for the linking of enrollment and service data:
    • All Services (no enrollment connection)
    • Services Linked to Enrollments
    • Default is All Services
  • Referred Assessments, Client Assessments - New filter has been added which when in use, only referred assessments will be queried
  • Client Referral Status - A new view or section has been added similar to what already exists in the Coordinated Entry Model
    • Please note, in the Client Model, deleted items are included, so if not wanted, remember to add a filter to removed deleted referrals
    • Client Currently on a Specific Queue (Y/N) - new dimension, also added to the Coordinated Entry model

Data Quality Model

  • Project CoC, Programs - Dimension has been removed as it was a duplicate and was not working
    • Information is available using Program CoC found in the Program CoC view
  • Latest Move In Date - removed from the data quality model
    • Action Needed: Any saved Looks or dashboards using this measure should be updated
  • Assessment Score Average - removed from the data quality model
    • Action Needed: Any saved Looks or dashboards using this measure should be updated

HMIS Performance

  • Enrollments deleted from the model - Updated the method for excluding deleted enrollments from the HMIS Performance model
    • Add criteria to include enrollments.deleted = no in addition to enrollments.deleted IS NULL
    • This accommodates enrollments which were deleted and then later restored in Clarity

Population Over Time Model

Efficiency modifications have been made to the Population Over Time model.

Project Descriptor Model

  • Action Needed - Continuum Project, Programs - Dimension was updated from number format to string.  Any filters, table calculations, or Looker dimensions should be updated to use text values.  I.e., "Yes," "No," "Data not Collected."

Looker Upgrade

On Friday, 2/5/2021, Looker will be upgraded to version 21.0. (Looker has changed the name schema from 7.##) The full change log is found here. And release highlights are found here.

  • Year to Date control option for timeframe filters has been temporarily removed
    • Action required: Any saved Looks or Dashboards using this filter setting will need to be updated
  • Cross-filtering feature is now generally available and can be enabled on each dashboard, not just the next generation dashboards
  • When fields are cleared from an Explore query, Custom Fields will be deselected instead of removed from the Look
  • The Explore field picker will default to the All Fields tab instead of the In Use tab when opening